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Since I moved to Abu Dhabi this summer, my traditional commute involving a 30 minute brisk walk each way, has been replaced by time in the car, whilst weekend strolls on Wimbledon Common have become a distant memory. Therefore it became necessary to reacquaint myself with the gym.  Personal Trainer John at neighbouring Monte Carlo Beach Club on Saadiyat Island eased me back in gently.  Image

There are three work-out personalities he tells me.  He worker, the mover and the player.  We quickly establish that I fall into the later category.  He constructs a session involving planks, wall squats, wobble board catch and boxing.  75 minutes later, after a tough session my stomach and facial muscles ache, but it’s from laughing so hard.  After a five year absence, I have fallen back in love with  the gym.  Besides, who can fail to be inspired with views like this?