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I’m not much of a runner.  I prefer to take things slow and enjoy the scenery. However, I will be joining 400 proper runners this evening at The North Face Night Rock Run in Ras Al Khaimah home to desert landscapes, such as Wadi Al Shawka.

From the desert trails Ras Al Khaimah

I do like mountains however, and some of you will    remember when I climbed   Kilimanjaro and reached Uhuru Peak.  I    climbed with Exodus and Friends of  Conservation for the Tanzania Porter  Education Project and you were all very  generous in your sponsorship.

A few years ago I visited Nepal with Exodus and fell in love, not just with the landscapes but with the generosity and spirit of the Nepali people.


Mountain peaks Nepal

I am not asking for sponsorship.  Instead, I am asking you to please consider donating directly and help Exodus and Friends of Conservation raise funds following the Nepal earthquake.

You can read more about the appeal here  and donate here.  Exodus and Friends of Conservation will ensure that the money is spent in the very best way to support the Himalayan communities.  You can also read about their Himalayan Community Support projects

My run today isn’t a competitive race, and I definitely will be pausing to take in the scenery.  I personally do not have a mountain to climb, but many of the affected communities in Nepal do.

If you are in London on 9 June 2015 you can also request a ticket for a talk at the Embassy of Nepal by Pete Burrell and Valerie Parkinson. There will be a collection on the evening too.
Thank you for reading this,

Natalie  x