I’ve just downloaded Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life.  It is such a beautiful book / manual / guide to living a better and more honest life.  With video shorts and useful tips throughout, it is a thoroughly gorgeous and inspiring read.  I loved the sections on eating locally and seasonally and it was great to see (and attempt to steal!) Jessica’s make-up tips and recipes for homemade, natural beauty treatments.  A lot of the book is common sense, but here are some interesting suggestions about how to avoid the chemicals found in everyday items and great affordable tips that you can use to live a more authentic, responsible, healthier and generally, better life.  Plus, Jessica had a charming way of presenting her philosophy with her adorable family that you just end up wanting to be her best friend and be invited over for a pizza party!  Honest Company CEO Christopher Gavigan describes Jessica as an extraordinary person, living an ordinary life.  I must say, after reading Jessica’s book, I honestly agree.

The Honest Life